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Q: What types of ZEN nodes does ExinPool currently support?

A: ZEN-500 is currently supported.

Q: What is ZEN-500?

A: ZEN-500 is a super node and 500 ZEN is pledged to a single node in ZEN-500.

Q: How many Horizen nodes does ExinPool have at the moment?

A: There are currently 30 ZEN-500 super nodes.

Q: How much is the total pledge of ExinPool at present?

A: 15000 ZEN, of which 4000 ZEN are pledged by ZEN-500.

Q: Is ExinPool secure?

A: Currently ExinPool runs 8 self-owned nodes, and the private keys of the nodes are managed by core team members with multi-signature backups, so the risk is controlled.

Q: Why is My Share still 0 after I successfully joined?

A:Because no revenue has been generated yet. There are 3 data displayed in My page: My shares, In the queue, Joined not valid.

  • My shares: Current shares that have been successfully joined and are generating revenue.
  • In the queue: Shares that are currently in the queue.
  • Joined not valid: Shares that have been successfully joined but have not yet generated revenue.

Q: Is there any revenue during queuing?

Not at the moment.

Q: When will I start to earn after joining the node?

A: After successfully joining, it usually takes a week before the revenue are available.

Q: How much does it cost for a node to exit?

A: The cost of exiting ExinPool is 0.2%, and it supports EPC deduction, which means you can exit with no service fee.

Q: When will the node revenue be paid?

A: Payouts are made once a week on Wednesday. This is because ExinPool operates Horizen super nodes, and the revenue of super nodes is settled once a week. In addition, it is normal to pay out before 24:00 every Wednesday, if there is any change, please refer to the announcement.

Important Note: If there is a need to exit, remember to exit on Wednesday after the revenue are issued. If you exit before 8am BST on Wednesday, it will result in no data in the snapshot, and even if you successfully join and the node generates revenue, the successfully joined shares will not generate revenue.

Q: Where will the node revenue be paid?

A:Uniformly paid to Mixin wallet.

Q: Are the revenue automatically reinvested?

A: No, the revenue are paid out every Wednesday. If you want to reinvest, you need to continue to keep the revenue in queue and have revenue only after you join successfully.

Q: Why does the node revenue keep changing every week?

A: There are the following reasons for the change of node revenue. Firstly, Horizen nodes use proof of work, which is mainly calculated based on online time, and the revenue will change when the nodes are online for different time; secondly, the number of super nodes of Horizen nodes is also changing, which will also lead to the change of revenue.

Q: If there are any other questions.

A: If you have any other questions, please leave a message for the ExinPool robot (7000101761). We will get back to you as soon as possible.