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Mixin Network

Q: How many Mixin nodes does ExinPool have at the moment?

A: Currently there are 4.2678 nodes, 4 self-owned nodes and 0.2678 joint nodes, currently the joint nodes are run by Exin team and Fox team on a rotational basis.

Q: How much is the total pledge of ExinPool at present?

A: 57,356 XIN.

Q: Is ExinPool secure?

A: Currently ExinPool runs 4 self-owned nodes, and the private keys of the nodes are managed by core team members with multi-signature backups, so the risk is controlled.

Q: Is there any revenue during queuing?

A: The queued XIN can generate asset points, users can directly lock the asset points to use ExinOne's lending service without additional collateral of other assets, in addition, the asset points enjoy daily airdrop ExinOne service fee point card EPC, using EPC can fully offset the service fees generated from transactions in ExinOne, including C2C, exchange, fixed investment, etc.

Q: Queued but showing in the queue?

A: This is because joining the mainnet takes time. Once the mainnet confirms, the shares of 'Joined but not inactive' will become 'Joined and active'. Revenue will be distributed after the snapshot.

Q: When will I start to earn after joining the node?

A: After you have successfully joined, you need to wait until the node joins the main network and the node starts earning revenue before the XINs you have queued to join will have revenue. This time is usually around 1~2 days, just wait patiently.

Q: How much does it cost for a node to exit?

A: The cost of exiting ExinPool is 0.2%, and it supports EPC deduction, which means you can exit with no service fee. Some users may have seen the ExinPool robot introduction page that the exit node is charged 1%. Here we explain that the 1% refers to the early exit from the node, and the XIN deducted will be charged by the mainnet, which is a different concept from the exit of ExinPool.

Q: When will the node revenue be paid?

A: Beijing time 8:00 am snapshot every day, the mainnet node revenue are issued after 15:00 Beijing time every day, so we need to wait for the claim to be issued, generally after 15:00 on the day, before 24:00 issued are normal, if there are any changes, please subject to the announcement.

Q: Where will the node revenue be paid?

A:Uniformly paid to Mixin wallet.

Q: Are the revenue automatically reinvested?

A: No, the revenue are paid out every day. If you want to reinvest, you need to continue to keep the revenue in queue and have revenue only after you join successfully.

Q: Do I have to lock my position to join the node to get the revenue?

A: No, after you join the node, you do not need to lock your position to have revenue. If you lock your position, you will get 0.1 XIN per day in addition to the normal revenue.

Q: Why does the node revenue keep changing every day?

A: Node revenue changes for the following reasons: first, the Mixin mainnet is online with a work-based distribution mechanism, the node revenue received every day is changing; second, the nodes join and exit in constant change, the number of nodes is different, the node revenue will also change; third, ExinPool is a packaged service, the revenue is distributed according to the proportion occupied, if there are new nodes online, it may be less revenue because of the short time to join the main network.

Q: If there are any other questions.

A: If you have any other questions, please leave a message for the ExinPool robot (7000101761). We will get back to you as soon as possible.